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These days people have notoriously short attention spans.

Technology, smartphones, digital notifications and such have trained us to immediately take in and respond to the latest in a continuous stream of information and calls-to-action, nearly around the clock. In this brave new world, it’s important to be there for your clients when they notice Rex scratching at midnight and start Googling “dog allergies”, but it’s equally important for you and your team to enjoy uninterrupted downtime away from your practice (and, well, sleep). Surely there must be a happy medium?

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VetTools Concierge works with your existing website to give you the flexibility and freedom to be there for your clients (even when you’re not).

VetTools Concierge website pages are extensions of your VetTools interactive client features, designed to help your clients (current and prospective!) connect and engage with your practice 24/7 via your website.

Client requests and messages are all deposited neatly into your VetTools centralized inbox, where your team can address them during office hours.

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Request Appointment

Let your clients book an appointment request the moment you have their attention, whether they’re reading your health service reminder at 3am or it’s Sunday evening and Muffin just made some sort of a what-the-heck-was-that-Muffin? sneezy noise.

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Request RX

Oops! Looks like that was Willie’s last dose of heartworm prevention. Rather than hope your clients remember to call tomorrow when your practice reopens, let’s give them a convenient way to request a refill now while they’re holding that empty box.

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Contact Us

No annoying CAPTCHA keyboard acrobatics, no getting lost in a spam folder. Give your clients a simple and reliable way to message your practice from your website.

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New Client Registration

Now that VetTools Concierge helps show prospective clients how available and tech-friendly you are, registering as a new client is the natural next step! This form gathers all of the needed information to start the ball rolling to establish a new account at your practice.

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Read Our Reviews

Make sure prospective clients see what your practice’s biggest cheerleaders are saying by showcasing all your best online reviews from sites across the web.

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Submit a Review

Give your enthusiastic clients an EASY way to review your practice, with no login required. You receive your reviews privately and control which to share.

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Designed to fit right in with your website and your practice.

  • Secure javascript pages are easily and seamlessly embedded in your existing website
  • Customize the color theme to match your website
  • You determine which VetTools Concierge features to offer
  • Control your Concierge feature settings right in your VetTools program
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Let VetTools Concierge care for your clients and keep them connected to your practice - even when you’re not there.

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As part of the VIN family, we stand behind VIN's pledge to you

Your data is yours. We will never sell your data or use it for marketing. You control the use of your data -- to help you, your practice, and your patients, or to help advance veterinary medical knowledge.

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