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Meet Dr. Jane and her Team

Let’s explore how Dr. Jane and her support staff uses VetTools to easily connect with their clients, at their convenience.

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Connect with Caremail

Meet Grace & Gabby

Health Story: Medication Monitoring

Grace has sent in an online request via VetTools for a refill of Gabby’s thyroid medication. The request appears in the shared Caremail inbox, where it can be read and attended to by Dr. Jane and her team.

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Laptop displaying analytics dashboard
  • Dr. Jane approves the request and assigns it to her trusted veterinary technician Julie, adding a note asking her to refill Gabby’s meds and follow up to schedule an exam and labwork in 2 months.
  • Julie is notified of this task via VetTools. She refills Gabby’s meds and sets up a new task to follow up in 2 months.
  • Julie replies to Grace’s message to let her know Gabby’s refill is ready. Grace gets a quick response to her request, and via the same communication method she used: email. Grace is happy!

This chain of multiple communications is all centralized and streamlined in the Caremail inbox for Dr. Jane and her staff, making it easy for Grace, Dr. Jane, and Julie to connect for Gabby’s best care.

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Connect with Text Message

Meet Diane & Darby

Health Story: Mouth Makeover

Dr. Jane snaps pictures of Darby’s mouth before and after his dental evaluation and treatment, then texts them to his mom, all right from her cell phone using VetTools.

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Text message displaying dog teeth
  • This small but mighty message accomplishes a lot! It reassures Darby’s mom that he’s doing well, clearly communicates when he should be picked up, and sets the tone for the value of today’s procedure via a powerful visual aid.
  • The hospital appears as the sender, not Dr. Jane’s personal number.
  • A text message reply from Darby’s mom will appear in VetTools Caremail, centrally accessible to Dr. Jane and her trusted staff so the appropriate person can reply.

Dr. Jane may not know it, but her practice is about to connect with all of Diane’s Facebook friends! Diane’s posted Darby’s dental pics there, tagged Dr. Jane’s practice’s page, and has raved about how wonderful her vet is.

See these features in action!

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Connect with Mobile Clinic Phone

Meet Kate & Killian

Health Story: Cancer Concern

It’s late in the day and biopsy results for longtime patient Killian have just come in. If Dr. Jane doesn’t leave now, she’ll miss her favorite yoga class, not to mention dinner with the family. She knows Kate is anxiously awaiting the biopsy results.

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Dr Jane on her laptop and speaking into headset
  • Dr. Jane leaves and makes it to yoga just in time for downward dog.
  • Dinner at home is great, despite the unfortunate laughter/nose/projectile milk incident with her son.
  • After dinner, Dr. Jane opens up her laptop, logs in to VetTools, re-reviews Killian’s biopsy results (no cancer - YAY!). Dr. Jane uses her VetTools and a simple headset to call Kate and give her the good news. The call appears to be coming from the hospital’s phone number, so Kate quickly picks up and is ecstatic to hear the great news. Multiple snuffly Killian kisses ensue.

This chain of multiple communications is all centralized and streamlined in the Caremail inbox for Dr. Jane and her staff, making it easy for Grace, Dr. Jane, and Julie to connect for Gabby’s best care.

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Connect with Reminders & Online Requests

Meet Nick & Nora

Health Story: Night Owls

Nick works in the evenings, and is often asleep when Dr. Jane’s practice is open during the day, so remembering to call for an appointment is a bit tricky. Fortunately for Nick and Nora, the email reminder sent via Dr. Jane’s VetTools service includes a link to a handy online appointment request form!

Cat laying on the back of a man
Text message reminder for Nora the cat
  • Nora’s email reminder includes a beautiful breed-specific photo of a Domestic Longhair orange tabby, giving Nick that all-important emotional “click” when he sees a cat that looks like his beloved Nora. Nick thinks Dr. Jane is kind of a rockstar to have sent such a personal message (and she’s not about to argue).
  • Nick can submit his appointment request form any time, day or night, to get the ball rolling on setting up Nora’s appointment.
  • Nick can also submit an appointment request without an email reminder anytime, via a form on Dr. Jane’s website or her practice’s Facebook page .

VetTools email reminders and online request forms are a great way to be there for your clients - even when you’re not.

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