Our Story Began in 2006

vinx logo is proud to be a member of the vin logo family.

Back in 2006, VIN co-founder and president Paul Pion and John Dean founded VetVision, which later became VINx, to help VINners build, grow, and nurture their bond with the clients they serve.

Their idea was to offer communication and management tools to veterinary professionals in VIN's trusted setting, where their clinic data would only be used for the benefit of that clinic and to grow and enhance medical knowledge for the profession. Because VIN exists to serve the veterinary profession, VetTools blossomed from this partnership and was born from ideas and feedback from the VIN community.

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As part of the VIN family, we stand behind VIN's pledge to you

Your data is yours. We will never sell your data or use it for marketing. You control the use of your data -- to help you, your practice, and your patients, or to help advance veterinary medical knowledge.

Not a VIN member? No problem. We welcome VIN members and non-members alike!

Meet the VINx Team

Hi! We’re your VINx team. As a group, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more diverse bunch of personalities than ours, but we all share two things in common at our core: a long and affectionate history with the veterinary world, and a commitment to always keep the best interests of VINx users at heart.

Once you’ve worked at a veterinary practice, veterinary professionals become “your people”, regardless of whether it’s the technician standing next to you or the receptionist halfway across the globe. This uniquely challenging and rewarding shared work experience ties you together in a way that’s difficult to describe, but we’re betting if you’re reading this, you know exactly what we mean. We truly understand the challenges, joys, and sorrows you face everyday, and are committed and excited to helping you solve and better navigate them using VetTools. So as a team of doctor, technicians, managers, receptionists, assistants, you name it - you are our people, and we’ve got your back.