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Use PetSites to
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with the trusted information, valuable tools, and 24/7 access they need to be your active partner in their pet’s healthcare.

Your clients love their pets, and they want to provide great care for them at home. Technology offers up a vast array of resources to help them do that, but not all of these resources reinforce your trusted information or recommendations, and few of them actually do anything to strengthen the bond between your clients and your practice.

PetSites is your solution.

Simple, Seamless, Flexible

  • The modern and responsive design transitions seamlessly from desktop to laptop to mobile device.
  • Access for your clients is simple, with traditional login using email and password, or social login with Facebook, Amazon, Google, or Linkedin credentials.
  • YOU determine which PetSites features to offer your clients, and how much information to share.
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Pet Health Information

Anywhere. Anytime.

Giving your clients access to their pet’s health background from anywhere, anytime makes them the informed, well-prepared caregivers they need to be in order to keep their pet healthy. PetSites health records, including lab work results, can even help your clients and patients with trips to the emergency clinic or a non-local vet when traveling.


Keep the lines of communication open with your clients using PetSites requests.

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Appointments, medication refills, and food can all be requested anytime in your clients’ PetSites, or even via PetSites forms embedded on your website and Facebook page.

It’s a great way for your practice to feel available to your clients at their convenience (even when you’re actually surfing, or baking, or knitting a giant alien sweater, or whatever it is you do in your spare time. We don’t judge).

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Banish Dr. Google to the sidelines by offering your clients a wealth of high quality pet health information.

Provided by the esteemed Veterinary Partner, the library of articles available in your PetSites come from a source you can trust.

Your clients can read, save, and even email their favorite articles.

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Health Documents

Say goodbye to those panicked, last minute phone call requests for faxed vaccine certificates!

Now your clients can print and email their own vaccine certificates and pet ID cards whenever they’d like.


Show your clients their opinions and experiences matter with PetSites surveys.

Use a pre-written survey or create your own, tailor-made to your practice and the feedback you need.

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Pet Journal

Chronic health conditions present some unique communication challenges between pet owners and veterinarians.

How do you work with the owner to monitor and report a pet’s health at home in a consistent, detailed manner? Pet Journal to the rescue!

With fields for specific parameters and even photos, your clients will use this feature to keep you up to speed on how their pets are doing at home in between visits. Because “Gus seems fine,” is a great start, Mr. Jones, but we’re sure Gus has more to tell us!

pet journal

See these features in action!

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Help your clients to become your active partner in their pet’s health

while strengthening their connection with you.

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In other words, the ULTIMATE pet dream team!

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As part of the VIN family, we stand behind VIN's pledge to you

Your data is yours. We will never sell your data or use it for marketing. You control the use of your data -- to help you, your practice, and your patients, or to help advance veterinary medical knowledge.

Not a VIN member? No problem. We welcome VIN members and non-members alike!

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