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It’s time for a new kind of postcard reminder, one that grabs your clients’ attention, feels personal and meaningful, and makes them feel great about your practice and eager to return. Enter PetPost!

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FEATURING:  Breed-Specific Pet Photos * Design Themes * Deluxe & Standard Sizes

Breed-Specific Pet Photos

Featuring a multitude of beautiful canine and feline breed-specific photos to give your clients that priceless “awwww!” feeling when they see the pet who looks similar to theirs. Seeing their pet’s name on the front of their postcard will make it feel even more personal and meaningful.

domestic shorthair cat

But "breed-specific" isn't good enough for our favorite unsung feline heroes, the Domestic Shorthair and Domestic Mediumhair/Longhair! They come in so many beautiful colors and patterns, we just had to honor them with 50 color, pattern, and coat length-specific images! Your clients with a Domestic Shorthair brown tabby will be delighted to see exactly that on their postcard.

Don’t worry, your terrific patients with mixed, unknown, or less common breeds haven’t been overlooked! Their human friends will be charmed with a variety of adorable, species-specific pet images.

mixed breed dogs

Design Themes, Choose Yours

Pick from a variety of whimsical and eye-catching design themes sure to make your clients smile.

Classic Themes, Your Choice of 9 Colors!

Change your theme as often as you’d like to keep your postcards visually fresh and your clients looking forward to their next one!

Deluxe Size Postcards

Looking for a postcard that really stands out in the mail?

The 8.5”x 5.5” deluxe size postcard really stands out in a stack of mail and can display reminder information on up to 3 pets, reducing repetitive mailings and cost.

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Not a fan of oversized? No problem, opt for our standard size 6"x 4.25" postcards instead.

Custom Designs

If keeping your practice's look front and center is key, consider our custom design option instead.

These postcard reminders strongly reflect your practice's look and branding on both the back and front of the postcard with a static custom design.

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Key Features

PetPost is the most flexible and customizable postcard reminder service available - and no matter which options you choose, your clients will be dazzled.

  • Breed-specific pet photos with fun and eye-catching design themes or choose the custom design option with charming species-specific pet images.
  • Deluxe (8.5"x6") or Standard size (6"x4.25"), with multiple pets combined on the Deluxe size.
  • Greetings to the owner or the pet – you choose!
  • Your practice's logo in high-resolution and full color.
  • Customizable text, an optional overdue version, and postcards sent according to your preferred timing.
  • Make sure your clients know your special qualifications, with optional AAHA, Cat Friendly, ABVP, Fear Free, and VIN Member Logo Options.
  • Address verification, to help ensure your postcards reach your clients and you're notified when they move.
  • First class postage, to make sure your reminders are treated like VIPs (Very Important Postcards) in the mail and arrive quickly!
  • Automatic production, based on data pulled from your practice management software. Let us take this time- consuming task off your team's to-do list!
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The postcard reminder service designed to delight your clients!

Your clients will love how clever and personal your postcard reminders feel, and will show it by booking appointments!

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Ready to start sending unforgettable postcard reminders?

Have questions or want to geek out about reminders with the VINx team? Give us a shout!

VINxSales@vin.com   |   800-454-0576 x1

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