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Efficiency is a must at a veterinary practice.

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At VINx, we understand that. That’s why we developed record sharing functionality for VetTools to make your life, your staff’s life, and your clients’ lives a little easier.

Now you can use VetTools to share medical records with fellow colleagues, referral practices and even emergency hospitals. Lab work, pathology and radiology results can all be sent to other veterinary professionals with a few click clicks of the button. You can even determine the method you want to send it - secure URL or PDF!

Meet Dr. Dan & Popeye

Records Sharing Story: Sending medical records to a specialist

  • Popeye’s parents noticed he was shaking his head a lot and not his normal self. So they scheduled an appointment with their favorite veterinarian, Dr. Dan, to see what could be wrong.
  • Dr. Dan performed an exam and diagnosed Popeye with an ear infection. He prescribed a medicine for treatment and scheduled a follow up visit for him.
vet looking at dogs ear
email from vet
  • Unfortunately for poor Popeye, ear infections became a recurring problem for him. Not taking a chance, Dr. Dan decided to refer Popeye to a specialist.
  • Being the smooth and savvy Dr. that he is, Dr. Dan used his VetTools to share a PDF of Popeye’s medical records with the specialist, allowing her to review prior to Popeye’s appointment.
  • Happily, Popeye’s recurring ear infections have since subsided, and Popeye is back to being his normal, happy self (and Popeye’s parents and Dr. Dan couldn’t be happier either!).

Pet owners appreciate the convenience of having their pet’s key health information on hand, too.

With PetSites, your clients have 24/7 access to the kind of important health records that make them more involved and better prepared pet owners. You decide how much information to share with your clients. Recommended health services, vaccine certificates, and a health library are just a few of the features your clients will appreciate in your PetSites!

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See these features in action!

Meet Noah, Cindy & Sonny

Records Sharing Story: Sending a Vaccination Certificate

  • Noah and Cindy were scheduled to take a cruise to Bermuda.
  • Sonny, their new fur baby, had to be boarded while they were away. As new pet parents, they forgot to pick up Sonny’s vaccination records and it was quickly approaching closing time at both the hospital and the boarding facility. Time was against them!
man and woman petting dog
certificate of vaccination
  • After a few breaths, Noah and Cindy remembered that they had access to Sonny’s vaccination certificate via their veterinarian’s PetSites!
  • They quickly logged onto their computer, emailed over a copy of the certificate to the boarding facility, and jumped in their car to get Sonny all settled in at the boarding facility.
  • Noah and Cindy enjoyed Bermuda and Sonny enjoyed his first experience away from home (and covered them with kisses once reunited, of course!).
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