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Quality Data Presented Clearly

Data. It’s a word you hear a lot in today’s world and is vital to most businesses’ success.

Quality data, presented clearly, will empower you to make the best decisions for your practice, your patients, and your clients. We want your practice to thrive, so VINx is proud to provide robust reporting capabilities in VetTools with key financial metrics, compliance reporting and just about everything in between. We know what this data can mean for you, and we’re here to help.

VetTools Reporting Functionality Includes:

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Client Analytics

Client Analytics provide invaluable information such as where your clients are coming from, client retention rate, and new client growth – just to name a few!

Practice & Financial Reporting

The perfect practice management tool! With our Practice and Financial Reporting functionality, you can monitor month-to-month and year-to-date revenue, track revenue growth, and even A/R changes – all in your easy to access practice dashboard.

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Pet Demographics Reporting

Are you ever curious about which dog breeds most frequent your practice? Or how many annual visits you see for cats compared to other practices? No problem! With Pet Demographic reporting you can analyze your patient base and see how it compares globally.

See these features in action!

Detailed Compliance Reporting

Keep you and your practice tuned in to the results of your compliance efforts. You can see how many reminders were sent out by email, SMS and postcard, and even see how many were sent out for upcoming versus overdue appointments (and this is just a small sample of what we can do)! With our Compliance Reporting feature, you’ll never have to leave anyone guessing!

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Communications Reporting

With simple, streamlined communication dashboards, you’ll be able to see how your clients prefer to receive their confirmations - Email, SMS or Digital Voice.

Reputation Management and Social Media Reporting

Wish you can see what your clients are posting about your practice in one central location? Seems impossible, right? Not with our Reputation Management and Social Media Reporting. With just a few clicks you can view your listings on all the review sites. Add on a Social Media Dashboard to help manage your social media efforts and you have a perfect combination!

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Meet Dr. Pat

Dr. Pat and his staff had a very manual process for doing their reminders. Being very busy, they did some via in-house postcards and some with phone calls, but never really tracked the numbers for each. They certainly didn’t do any email or text reminders.

The Problem

Dr. Pat wanted more of a work/life balance for all, and needed a better system.

The Solution:

Dr. Pat subscribed to VetTools, then he and his staff laid out a comprehensive new plan to include email, postcard, and text message reminders.


With VetTools Reminder Compliance reporting features, Dr. Pat is now able to see how many emails/postcards/texts were sent, how many were due/overdue, and how many were fulfilled - all in one central location. And that’s just some of the features in Reminder Compliance reporting that are making his life easier.

Dr. Pat is now loaded with more data for decision making, he and his staff have a little more balance back in their lives, AND his practice is thriving more than ever!

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