Text Messaging

Talk to your clients where they're spending their time - on their phones!

Consider this: Text messages have a 98% open rate, with 95% of them being read within 3 minutes of being sent.* That's the kind of connection veterinarians dream of sharing with their clients! When it comes to focused attention and quick response, sending your clients important health alerts and outreach via text is the next best thing to sending a personal singing telegram (and those are just awkward when your patients start howling, so let's stick with VetTools text messaging for veterinarians).

*Source: Forbes, Mobile Marketing Watch

puppy pawing at cell phone
Vet using smartphone

Now you can bid a not-so-fond farewell to that shared practice mobile phone that's always getting lost in someone's scrubs pocket. VetTools is your new centralized hub for all your veterinary text messaging needs!

Send and read text messages from internet-connected devices without sharing your personal mobile phone number, and view the related client and patient info for every text with a click.

Your shared team Caremail inbox will display all of your texts in a neat and orderly fashion, allow you to see your team's responses, and even let you assign them as tasks to specific team members.

Ready to connect meaningfully with your clients where they're already paying attention? Get to texting with VetTools!

Take advantage of these must-have features included in your service
On-demand Text Messaging

Keep your clients in the loop.

Send out messages to keep your patients' pet parents up to date. A small but mighty message accomplishes a lot! It reassures your client that their pet is doing well, clearly communicates when they should be picked up, and sets the tone for the value of the day’s procedure via a powerful visual aid.

*On-demand Text Messaging is included with your VetTools service; there is no extra charge.

Text message concerning darby's teeth
Video message concerning reverse sneezing
Video Texts

Add invaluable at-home visual clues to your diagnostic process.

Your clients can send you video text messages, and you and your team can access them from your VetTools Caremail inbox, along with all your other client messages. So next time Max refuses to cooperate and make that "weird snuffly snoozly noise" in your exam room, ask your clients to record it at home and share it with you by text!

*Video Texts are included with your VetTools service; there is no extra charge.

Appointment Texts

Get your confirmations, follow-ups, surveys, and reviews read and responded to.

VetTools Buddy was created to support you and your practice in all your key appointment communications and to send them out for you automatically, via text, email, or phone exactly as you want. You can count on your VetTools Buddy to always sound and feel just like your practice, while delivering the messaging just like you'd deliver it yourself.

*Appointment Texts are included with your VetTools service; there is no extra charge.

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As a complete client engagement platform, VetTools includes a full suite of text messaging features. But if veterinary text messaging is truly all you need, consider VetTools Messaging, a budget-friendly, feature-rich, smaller VetTools package devoted to text messaging.

Want more? Upgrade your text game with these great add-ons!
Landline Texting

Let them know it's you.

The only thing better than using text messages to communicate with your clients is sending your texts from an immediately recognizable phone number: your practice's. Using VetTools Origin, you can send your clients texts from your hospital's already familiar landline number, and your clients can reach you via text message there, too.

*VetTools Origin is an add-on service and charged a modest monthly fee. Please contact us for pricing details.

VetTools Origin text message
VetTools Origin text message
SMS Health Reminders

Health reminders are vital to the health of your patients and your practice.

In a world where digital communication is king and attention spans notoriously short, pet health reminders must convey the needed information in a brief but compelling manner, while also offering ways to immediately act. VetTools SMS Health Reminders have got you covered on all accounts!

*SMS Health Reminders are an add-on service and charged per successfully sent message.

Mass SMS Announcements

Life rarely goes as planned, especially at a verterinary practice!

Unforeseen challenges like power and phone outages, road work, and inclement weather can require an urgent alert to your clients, while an unexpectedly empty appointment schedule can throw a wrench into your practice’s financial health. Use VetTools to send high priority mass announcements to your clients via text message, sure to be seen and read quickly by your clients right on their phones.

*Mass Announcements are an add-on service and charged per successfully sent message.

Text message that phone lines are down
VetTools Phone Validation
Phone Type Validation

Make sure your text messages are being sent to text-capable numbers.

With VetTools Phone Type Validation, we run your clients' phone numbers through a database which determines if a number is a landline, VoIP, or mobile, and then identify and treat them appropriately in your VetTools program.

*Phone # Type Validation is an add-on service and charged per successfully processed phone number.

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