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"I love confirming appointments!"

(Said nobody, ever.)

Quality pre- and post-visit appointment communications can make or break a patient visit, but handling them is a time consuming, never ending task. At VINx, we challenged ourselves to find a way to save you time and help make your appointments more successful for you, your clients, and your patients.

The result was VetTools Buddy, automated and intuitive appointment communications.

  • ALL of your key appointment communications

  • Sent for you automatically with intuitive messaging and behavior specific to the appointment type

  • Using your practice's voice, messaging, protocols, and preferences

Sent via SMS/text, email, and phone.

VetTools Buddy Logo

Created to support you and your practice in all your key appointment communications

VetTools Buddy was created to support you and your practice in all your key appointment communications and to send them out for you automatically, exactly as you want. You can count on your VetTools Buddy to always sound and feel just like your practice, while delivering the messaging just like you'd deliver it yourself.


for smooth-running appointments

Cell Phone Text Message
Cell Phone Alert


for thoughtful check-ins & better compliance


for building your practice's reputation

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for advanced client feedback



for measuring client experience

Cell Text Survey

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Liv and Lily

Meet Liv & Lily
Relationship Status: Inseparable

  • Both Lily and phone permanently attached to Liv's hands
  • Initially seen for "iffy" breath; dental cleaning recommended and performed
  • Follow-up needed 3 days post-dental
  • Sent via SMS/text method, so Liv is sure to see and read it
  • Message content and timing specific to Lily's dental appointment
  • This interaction with your practice feels very personal and relevant to Liv, and conveys your message to her exactly as you want to.
Lily holding Toothbrush

Think about how much time is spent at your practice every day on appointment communications. What could you and your team do with that time if that task went away?

  • More time for quality client interactions
  • More time for the work you enjoy (and are great at!)
  • Maybe even a bit more time for play

Because everyone deserves a buddy...
especially YOU!

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