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How do we encourage client reviews without asking UNHAPPY customers?

Can you relate to this conundrum? We all know online reviews are incredibly important to a practice’s health. So important, in fact, that the days of doing your best and simply hoping your clients will leave you great reviews are gone. These days encouraging reviews and making it easy to review your practice is key. But it’s definitely scary, even risky, to ask clients for a post-visit review without first getting a preliminary feel for their experience with you. Problem solved!

Ask for reviews with confidence.

This revolutionary client feedback system, sent automatically via SMS or email, is a hybrid of post-visit surveys and reviews. The friendly message thanks your clients for their visit and asks them for a quick and simple, preliminary rating on their visit. Based on that rating and your settings, your clients are then asked to either fill out a private survey or a public review.

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Get valuable feedback with client surveys.

Uh-oh, You've received a thumbs down. Don’t panic, it's strictly private and only you can view it in VetTools. While negative comments are rarely fun to hear, this is actually a great situation: Your client was able to express their dissatisfaction, you are able to review and address their comments in a private forum, and you’ve gotten some valuable, actionable feedback from a good client. Everybody wins in this scenario.

Receive glowing public reviews you deserve.

You've received a thumbs up! Your client is then prompted to leave a public review on the site of your choice. Again, this works out great for everyone! Your client is able to express their delight with the visit and share their experience so other pet owners can also discover their great vet (you!), and you’ve just added another glowing client review to your online reputation. Go ahead, do the happy dance!

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The ease of automation with your personal touch.

VetTools POP messages are sent for you automatically post-visit, without feeling automated. Intuitive appointment typing lets you tell us what kinds of appointments should receive POP and which shouldn’t. You'll get to:

  • Dictate the timing
  • Customize your messaging
  • Select your surveys
  • Choose your review sites
  • Pick your ratings icons
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Okay, I'm in - what's next?

Getting started with VetTools POP is easy! Just let us know you're ready to jump in and we'll walk you through the rest.

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